Tips on Preparing Your Home for Sale

It is important to prepare your home for buyers because the better it looks, the higher the chance of it selling.  It is best to take at least a full week to adequately prepare your home for sale.  There will always be plenty of homes for sale so you need to take the proper steps to set your house apart from the other houses.  These five tips will help you sell your home.

  1. Clean:  This is an obvious step, but a very important one.  Buy all of the appropriate cleaning supplies and clean every aspect of the house.  Typically, the rooms that need the most thorough cleaning are the kitchen and bathroom.  Fixtures and items do not always look dirty, but you should still give them at least a once over because it is likely they haven’t been cleaned in a long time.  Be sure to dust under and between objects.  Furthermore, make all the rooms smell good and inviting. 
  2. Replace Favorite Fixtures:  It is expected that the fixtures of the home will be sold with it, such as built-in appliances, built-in book cases, chandeliers, ceiling fans, some air conditioning units, et cetera.  If you want to keep any of these fixtures, you should replace them with others before showing your home for sale.  Otherwise, it is implied that they come with the home.  Do not just remove the fixtures because a kitchen without appliances or a room without necessary fixtures will not make for a very compelling sale.
  3. Minor Repairs:  This is an essential tip in making your home look like it is ready for sale.  It depends on the home, but some of the normal issues are small holes in the wall, burnt out light bulbs, ceiling cracks, holes in window screens, and leaky faucets.  It is a good idea to fix any issues of this nature to make your home look like it’s in tip top shape.  Some experts recommend painting your walls to soft colors such as beiges, tans, and grays.  If you have children, you might have a room with bright pink or green walls.  This probably made your kids happy, but it does not look good for potential home buyers.
  4. Reduce Clutter:  Homes for sale look much better when they are not very cluttered.  This is because the less furniture and other items, the bigger the home looks.  It is likely that you do not already have a new house lined up to move some of your furniture so you might want to consider renting a storage unit.  This is an additional cost, but it will pay off because it makes your home look more attractive.  It is advised to avoid completely emptying out your home because you still want the purpose of the room to be known.  In addition, you should remove any personal items such as pictures of your family, sports memorabilia or any other family heirlooms.  The intended purpose is to let buyers easily see that this could be their home.
  5. Organization:  For the items that you do leave in your home, make sure they are organized.  This will make spaces look larger than they actually are.  Furthermore, it demonstrates that you are an organized person and are likely to be a trustworthy seller.  This will help ease buyers’ worries about hidden issues with your home.  Some examples of this are clothing closets, kitchen cabinets and storage closets.  Make sure all of these areas are organized before showing your home for sale.      

The number of home sales for this year compared to last year in Goshen, NY is down by almost 30% so be sure to prepare your home for sale to maximize your chances to sell your home quickly.

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