Tips on Finding the Right Realtor

Selecting the right realtor requires careful selection since it is critical to selling or purchasing a home.   The average home price for Warwick, NY is over $460,000 so it is critical that you hire the right realtor whether you want to buy or sell! Warwick offers a unique culture and geography that makes it one of the most highly valued areas to live in Orange County, NY.

Here are some tips to help you select a realtor that is suitable for your needs:

  1. Research:  Do offline research such as paying attention to “for sale” signs when you are driving or walking around your area.  In addition, listen for radio and TV advertisements.  Some experts suggest attending open houses in the area even if you are not considering buying.  The main idea is to see the realtor at work so you can experience how they operate. 
  2. More Research:  Look up the reviews and ratings of possible realtors and see how other buyers/sellers view their services.  There are many websites that have this information available (view our testimonials section to see what others have had to say about us).  Also, you should look up realtor regulation boards to learn about licensing and any complaints on file for realtors.  If possible, you should speak with recent clients to hear their opinion.  At this point you should have a list of realtors that might be a good match for you (hopefully we’re on that list).
  3. Interview:  Speak to your potential realtor and ask questions about their knowledge and experience in the area.  Furthermore, you should ask about their experience with the titling process, appraisals, inspections and financing.  Not only should they have job skills, they should also show people skills.  In addition, you should ask questions about their success because they might have a great deal of expertise, but do not actually close any deals.  Another consideration is how well they market, meaning do they use multiple listing resources?  They should use more than one website as well as multiple print media resources.  
  4. Select:  Based on their people skills, job skills, marketing and success, you should be able to select a realtor that fits your needs.  If you’re buying or selling in Warwick, NY it is a good idea to have a realtor that understands the area and has a long history in the community.

Buying a home is one of the largest and most critical financial decisions that people make so it is important that you find the right realtor to represent you.  Not only do you need a realtor to buy a home, but you also need one to sell your home if the time comes.  If you’re considering buying or selling a home in Warwick, NY or the surrounding areas please contact us today.

Linda Czubak Realty is a real estate agency that specializes in buying and selling homes in Warwick, NY and surrounding areas such as Monroe, Chester, Washingtonville, and Goshen. Please contact us today if you are looking to sell a home or are looking for homes for sale in the area.