My wife and I had been attempting to sell our house for approximately two years. The agent we were in contract with appeared to be really eager to sell our property upon our initial meeting. Once the property was listed she slowly withdrew herself from being our primary point of contact. She became non existent and unable to be reached when issues arrived. She eventually deferred most of the work regarding our property to another agent. This is not what we expected when we went into contract with her agency and chose her as our listing agent. During the time of the contract we had only seven showings. Terrible to say the least.

We sought help and had noticed the persistent advertisement mailings of Linda and how her name was listed as the agent for a lot of properties in our local area. We called her up and the next day we met. She kindly stayed and talked with us for over an hour and thoroughly went over our unique situation. Linda presented us with several strategies. We took her advise and within a few weeks we had noticed the amount of showings outnumbered the previous agents total. Linda was very proactive with the sale and always approachable with inquiries. She responded to our calls in a timely manner. Linda also provided my wife and I with a detailed report of each of the showings which allowed us to remedy deficiencies that were noted. The house had two offers within the the first 6 months of the listing. The first fell through due to the perspective buyer becoming frustrated with the banking process. The second buyer held strong and the house sold in December of 2012!

Linda is very knowledgeable in her profession. In this economic environment, Linda was able to make a hard sale happen as she said she would in our initial meeting. I highly recommend Linda to anyone seeking a trustworthy professional agent who will employ the appropriate strategy to effectively price, list, advertise and eventually sell their property.

Andrew Riehle