Homes for Sale in Fort Montgomery, NY 10922

Buy a home in Fort Montgomery, NY, and find that small-town feel in a place honored with its history.

Along the west bank of the Hudson River is the historic town of Fort Montgomery. A scenic and private area, the hamlet is located between Bear Mountain State Park and West Point. Rich in history, the Fort Montgomery Historic Site is the site of the Revolutionary War battle of 1777 that turned the course of the war. To commemorate this site there is a state-of-the-art visitor’s center where visitors can observe foundations of the original fortifications and watch reenactments. There are also trails along the grounds with beautiful views of the Hudson River, including a trail that crosses a footbridge over the Popolopen Creek and leads to the Bear Mountain Zoo. A cross path for the Appalachian Trail, hikers can sometimes be met using the post office, food and lodging offered by Fort Montgomery.