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Perched majestically alongside the Hudson River, Balmville is a residential hamlet located to the north and east of Newburgh, NY. A quiet and picturesque community, its namesake, the Balmville Tree adds to the beauty of the hamlet and is a historic part of the gorgeous views and scenery of this neighborhood. First thought of to be a Balm of Gilead Tree, it is considered to be the oldest of the Eastern Cottonwood family of trees currently on public record in the USA. Located in an area rich in history from the American Revolution, local legend states that this tree grew in this area when George Washington retired and then planted one of his sticks used to help him walk during the time he and his army were encamped in the area. But as folklore may not always be so close to fact, some samples of the core of the tree date its origins to 1699, making it much older than Washington himself and the United States of America for that matter.

Over 200 years later, in 1976, the DEC designated the 348-square-foot area around the Balmville tree as a public historic park. As a result, of all the state forests, it is the smallest in the state. Nestled in a community that cherishes its natural beauty, the Balmville Tree is still cared for and attempts and efforts to preserve the tree continue.  

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