Common Mistakes When Staging Your Home for Sale

Appearance is everything and the proper staging of your home for sale is essential in attracting the right potential homebuyer.   While some individuals choose to hire a professional stager, many others choose to do the job themselves.  Here are some common mistakes people often make when staging homes for sale.


Wallpaper vs. Paint

Wallpaper has gained popularity once again in some interior designs circle and wallpaper can add more personality to a room.  Wallpaper may be a bit too much for homebuyers that are trying to envision their own belongings in your spaces.  It’s better to stick with paint.


Bright-colored Walls in Your Home for Sale

Every season the design world ushers in the hottest color trends.  While you may want to look like a seller who is both contemporary and trendy, painting an entire room in bright colors may be too bold for the majority of buyers. Instead, stage with a neutral wall color, such as soft tones of grays or white, and then bring in the on-trend colors through small accents (pillows, lamps, throws, rugs, etc).


The Power of Brass

In the design world, brass is back, but tread cautiously   Introduce brass in small doses, such as a lamp, gold-vintage mirror, or accent table.


Doorless Cabinets

Open shelving and doorless cabinets are also a big trend in interior design. While they can offer a sleek and contemporary look, some buyers will likely ask “Where are the doors?”


Personal Photos and Knick-knacks

Homebuyers are there to potentially find their dream home.  Achieving this goal could prove impossible for them if they feel by constant reminders that this is someone else’s house.  Eliminate anything that will cause buyers to be reminded that the house isn’t theirs.


Using Strong Scents

While you want to appeal to your potential buyer’s senses, you don’t want to automatically create a negative impression for people with allergies or chemical sensitivities.   Nor do you want to give the impression you are trying to mask bad smells with strong good ones.  Stick with neutral or light scents.


Over-Staging a Home for Sale

This is a very common mistake when people stage their home for sale.  For example, it looks artificial and unrealistic if you set up the dining room for an elegant 10-person dinner party.  Keep it neat, clean and simple. 


Not Staging a Vacant Home for Sale

You might feel that an empty house for sale will look more spacious.  The opposite is true. Empty rooms feel smaller because there is nothing for homebuyers to use as a basis for comparison.  Vacant homes that aren’t staged will also direct buyers to any flaws in the home because there is nothing else to grab their attention.