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Linda’s Little Tip for Buyers (and Sellers) #8

     Are you shopping for a real estate agent? Whether you’re buying or selling a home, finding a real estate agent that knows the area like the back of their hand is crucial. They are well versed on your area and thus are knowledgable on the best places to…   Read more »

Linda’s Little Tip For Sellers #6

   When selling a home you want buyers to feel as welcome as possible. When it’s hot out people want to feel cool and refreshed when they enter a home. The same goes for keeping your house on the cooler side in the winter. Buyers will be coming into your…   Read more »

Linda’s Little Tip for Sellers #5

   One of the first things a person notices when they step into a home for the first time is the smell. Strong or unpleasant odors can cut an open house down in it’s tracks. So, what can you do about it? Well, for starters you can obtain an odor…   Read more »

Linda’s Little Tip For Sellers #4

  Pets can have many benefits to one’s life, unfortunately they can be seen as a nuisance in the home selling process. When selling a home with furry family members, remember that some buyers might have allergies, fears, and or a general disdain for animals that could sway them away from…   Read more »

Linda’s Little Tip for Sellers #3

  Ample storage is a hot commodity in today’s real estate market. Make your home as appealing as possible by making sure your closets and cabinets are neat and organize. When buyers see clutter it tells them that they’re not enough storage in the house. Keep your storage areas clean…   Read more »

Linda’s Little Tip for Sellers #2

If you’re selling your home during this time of year, it’s very important to keep your property as leaf-free as possible. Why? Because it increases curb appeals and it creates a safer environment for potential buyers to check out your property. Help buyers leave (pun intended) with a good impression of your…   Read more »

Linda’s Little Tip for Sellers #1

When selling your home it is always a wise idea to remove most traces of personalization. The easiest place to do this is your refrigerator! This helps buyers envision themselves in your home. Good luck and happy selling! Linda Czubak Realty is a real estate agency that specializes in buying…   Read more »

Common Mistakes When Staging Your Home for Sale

Appearance is everything and the proper staging of your home for sale is essential in attracting the right potential homebuyer.   While some individuals choose to hire a professional stager, many others choose to do the job themselves.  Here are some common mistakes people often make when staging homes for sale….   Read more »

Tips on Preparing Your Home for Sale

It is important to prepare your home for buyers because the better it looks, the higher the chance of it selling.  It is best to take at least a full week to adequately prepare your home for sale.  There will always be plenty of homes for sale so you need…   Read more »

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

HOMES FOR SALE IN WARWICK, NY 10990 With homes for sale all across the United States, making sure yours stands out in the crowd is extremely important. One of the easiest ways to do this is to give any homes for sale an aesthetic makeover—when a home looks better than…   Read more »