Linda’s Little Tip for Sellers #2

If you’re selling your home during this time of year, it’s very important to keep your property as leaf-free as possible. Why? Because it increases curb appeals and it creates a safer environment for potential buyers to check out your property. Help buyers leave (pun intended) with a good impression of your…   Read more »

Linda’s Little Tip for Buyers #2

  There are many benefits to getting pre-qualified for a mortgage. Apart from ensuring that you don’t buy a house beyond your means, it also means you’re ready to go when you find the house of your dreams! Good luck and happy hunting!

Linda’s Little Tip for Sellers #1

When selling your home it is always a wise idea to remove most traces of personalization. The easiest place to do this is your refrigerator! This helps buyers envision themselves in your home. Good luck and happy selling! Linda Czubak Realty is a real estate agency that specializes in buying…   Read more »

Linda’s Little Tip For Buyers #1

Buy a house in a good school district, even if you don’t have children! Why? Well, good school districts are highly coveted and are amongst the top priorities for buyers. This can help boost your property value if you choose to sell your home one day. Hope this tip helps…   Read more »

Open House Etiquette and Tips

Looking at a home for sale, and buying a home, are not snap decisions.  One must plan out carefully and thoughtfully before any money exchange hands.  Open house are often an important part of the homebuyer’s journey.   Use open houses as an opportunity to ask questions and to imagine how…   Read more »

5 Mistakes When Purchasing Your First Home

Home ownership is as American as apple pie.  Looking at homes for sale, and then making that decision to buy a home, is often seen as the quintessential symbol of achievement.   It can symbolize an individual’s own accomplishments or a person’s patriotic dedication to his or her country.   Either way,…   Read more »

The Realtor – Homebuyer Relationship

Homebuyers, including first-time buyers, usually use the Internet as a way to do the preliminary work of finding homes for sale, collecting information on neighborhoods and considering recent sales. But those buyers often seek the help and counsel of a qualified realtor and it’s important to understand the relationship between…   Read more »

Common Mistakes When Staging Your Home for Sale

Appearance is everything and the proper staging of your home for sale is essential in attracting the right potential homebuyer.   While some individuals choose to hire a professional stager, many others choose to do the job themselves.  Here are some common mistakes people often make when staging homes for sale….   Read more »

Tips on Finding the Right Realtor

Selecting the right realtor requires careful selection since it is critical to selling or purchasing a home.   The average home price for Warwick, NY is over $460,000 so it is critical that you hire the right realtor whether you want to buy or sell! Warwick offers a unique culture and…   Read more »

Tips for Buying a Home You Can Afford

Buying a home is a very important financial decision and without thorough research, it may involve a great deal of hidden costs. This is especially a large decision for first time buyers because it is likely they are just starting out in their careers and cannot afford surprise costs. For…   Read more »